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02. What means democracy, state under the rule of law and welfare state?


In the German democracy the citizens are directly participating in the politics of the country. In free elections they elect the representatives who make the political decisions regarding the welfare of the people. Everybody who has a German passport and as a rule is minimum 18 years old is allowed to vote.

There are different political parties who represent different core points.

The basic rights and the human rights are especially protected in a Democracy.

State under the rule of law

In a state under the rule of law the state only acts on the basis of the constitution and the laws and should protect the human dignity, freedom, justice and the legal security.

Every citizen in Germany has the right to be represented by a lawyer and to get a law suit in front of a independent court of law if it is necessary.

The state under the rule of law is divided in three state powers:



Legislative PowerVom Volk gewählte
From the people voted representatives
(Parliament, Bundesrat, parliament of the federal states)
Legislative power issues laws
Executive PowerBundesregierung,
The federal government, administration (Public Services, State Prosecutor, Police)
It’s a guided power from the laws that the legislative power issues
Judiciary Power
Courts of Law
Judicial Power that checks the compliance with the law
and issues sentences when someone fails to comply

Welfare State

Germany is a welfare state. This means that the state takes between 14% and 45% of taxes of the income of each citizen and forwards these to the community. By doing this social justice is ensured.
For example it is forwarded into the financial subsistence income system for the citizens (unemployment benefits, benefits for asylum seekers, pension, housing benefits, child benefits, subsistence income for the elderly,…). Thus the participation of all people in social and political developments should be guaranteed.
Furthermore for example road building, schools and other public institutions are financed by this.

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