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44. How can I learn the German Language?

By attending a German language course:

There are various institutions in Oldenburg the they offer courses for German as a foreign language. There you can get language lessons in various Levels:


Integration course/language course

The City of Oldenburg offers citizens an overview of the language measures promoted in the city area and provides interested parties with the appropriate assistance in coordinating them.
Placement in language courses is made directly through the relevant educational institutions. To find the right language course offer or the right German course for you, please contact an educational institution in Oldenburg.

You can apply for admission to an integration course. The prerequisite is a residence permit according to § 24 AufenthG or a corresponding fictitious certificate.
Participation in the integration course is free of charge. Child supervision accompanying the integration course is funded by the federal programme “Integration Course with Child: Building Blocks for the Future” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs.
All types of courses funded by the BAMF are available, i.e. in addition to the general integration course, for example, youth and women’s courses as well as so-called “second-script learner courses”, which are aimed at people who have not yet mastered the Latin alphabet (but only the Cyrillic alphabet, for example). The appropriate course type is determined in a placement test.
Further information can be found at

Telephone: 0441 235-2948


The best known language schools in Oldenburg are:

  • Euro-Schulen Oldenburg
    The Euro-Schulen Oldenburg offer integrations courses and other language courses in order to learn the German language.

Enrollment and Address:

Euro-Schulen, Staulinie 11

Tel: 0441 218400,

  • IBIS e.V. Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle

IBIS offers various courses, for example courses literacy courses for all who have grown up with a different alphabet  than the Latin one.

Enrollment and Address:

IBIS – Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle e.V., Kaiserstr. 29

Tel.: 0441 – 408 39 88

You can find more info in the following link:

  • Inlingua
    Inlingua offers various possibilities for Asylum seekers in order o learn German

Enrollment and Address:

inlingua Oldenburg, Wallstraße 15

Telefon: 0441 24197,

  • VHS Oldenburg

At the Adult Education Center in Oldenburg there are literacy courses, integration courses and intensive language courses.

Enrollment and Address: VHS Oldenburg, Karlstraße 25
Telefon: 0441 92391-26 oder 0441 92391-21
You can find more info in the following link :


There are also various offers, where someone can learn the German language in Internet for example:

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