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One Billion Rising

Last Tuesday (14.02.2017) Oldenburg took part, together with other cities in Germany and Worldwide in the action  day called “One Billion Rising.” This action is being held every year since 2012 -It was launched to point out that… Read More

Election of new Management Board

Due to personal changes within the Board of the Förderverein, a new election of the Board was deemed necessary.   Andrea Schröder resigned her position as the first chairman on 31.01.2017, her successor is by unanimous majority Nesrine… Read More

The Brochure “100 erste Fragen” now in Arabic

At last the brochure  “100 erste Fragen” is also available in the Arabic language! The third language edition is already in preparation. In the first quarter of 2017, the “100 ersten Fragen” will also be in Persian. If… Read More

„100 erste Fragen“ brochure

The brochure „100 erste Fragen“ was published in German in the middle of October and has so far been in great demand – but some copies are still in stock. The other planned, for publishing,  languages are English,… Read More

Förderverein Dietrichsfeld

The “Förderverein Dietrichsfeld” was established on 22.09.2016 with the aim to match social projects and donation in the district of Dietrichsfeld in Oldenburg. More members, Ideas for Projects and donations for these projects are every time welcomed !… Read More