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100 first Questions – Leisure activities

  • In the more than 100 sports clubs of the city, you have to become a member to participate in different courses. For this you pay a membership fee monthly (different depending on the association).

There are many different sports for women, men and children. All clubs are listed under:

Free offers especially for fugitives offers the organization „Refugees welcome in sports“:

Basketball, football, fitness and especially fitness for women and children. Dates and locations can be found at :

  • Running:
    • Finn-Bahn, Sports grounds of the university Wechloy, Tegelkamp 32
    • Exercise path and running track in the forest, Großer Bürgerbusch, Bürgerbuschweg
    • Running path in the forest, Eversten Holz, Hauptstraße
    • Wildenloh, Wildenlohsdamm
  • In the summer, there are free bicycles or inline skaters: Oldenburger Bike-and Inline-Night:
  • Parkour Oldenburg:
  • Skating rink, Brandenburger Straße, Schulzentrum Kreyenbrück
  • There are several fitness studios that charge monthly fees. For example, there are cheap monthly contributions:
    • BeneFit, Emsstraße 3-7
    • Fit 4 U, Ammergaustr. 43
    • Kingdom of sports, Bahnhofsplatz 10
    • McFit, Nadorster Str. 229

Especially for women, the following fitness studios are available:

  • InJoy Lady Fitness, Bloherfelder Str. 9
  • Woman´s, Klävemannstr. 1

You can find more free sport offers under

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