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100 first Questions – Leisure activities


With Oldenburg Pass you can get discounts, for example in entrance fees or membership fees in more than 70 museums, theaters, cultural and educational institutions, youth clubs, sports clubs, etc. ( )

Prerequisites: You must be the beneficiary of unemployment benefit II, social security, home allowance, basic insurance, assistance for life support or asylum seeker services.
Costs: 5,00 Euro for adults and 2,50 Euro for children and teenagers (up to 14 years). Application: Bürgerbüro Mitte, Pferdemarkt 14 or online under

Holiday Pass

The City of Oldenburg’s holiday pass is a holiday programme for young people and is aimed at children and young people aged 6 to 17 who live in Oldenburg or are visiting Oldenburg during the holidays.
During the summer holidays, numerous activities and events take place as part of the holiday pass. The extensive programme of events offers children and young people a wide range of offers from the most diverse areas, such as games, fun, sports, creativity, technology, music, art or culture and others.

Holiday pass online
The entire holiday pass is mapped and processed online via the holiday pass website ». The children and young people must register with the help of their legal guardians and create their own user account. Via this user account, the families can then book the desired activities and events online and also pay online. Registration and creation of a user account is a basic requirement for participation in the holiday pass.
Further important information about the Ferienpass and the programme of events can be found directly on the Ferienpass website.
To book events in the Ferienpass, a basic fee of €3 must be paid. Many of the events are free of charge. For some of the events there is an additional participation fee.

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