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100 first Questions – Leisure activities

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With Oldenburg Pass you can get discounts, for example in entrance fees or membership fees in more than 70 museums, theaters, cultural and educational institutions, youth clubs, sports clubs, etc. ( )

Prerequisites: You must be the beneficiary of unemployment benefit II, social security, home allowance, basic insurance, assistance for life support or asylum seeker services.
Costs: 5,00 Euro for adults and 2,50 Euro for children and teenagers (up to 14 years). Application: Bürgerbüro Mitte, Pferdemarkt 14 or online under

Holiday Pass

The City of Oldenburg’s holiday pass is a holiday programme for young people and is aimed at children and young people aged 6 to 17 who live in Oldenburg or are visiting Oldenburg during the holidays.
During the summer holidays, numerous activities and events take place as part of the holiday pass. The extensive programme of events offers children and young people a wide range of offers from the most diverse areas, such as games, fun, sports, creativity, technology, music, art or culture and others.

Holiday pass online
The entire holiday pass is mapped and processed online via the holiday pass website ». The children and young people must register with the help of their legal guardians and create their own user account. Via this user account, the families can then book the desired activities and events online and also pay online. Registration and creation of a user account is a basic requirement for participation in the holiday pass.
Further important information about the Ferienpass and the programme of events can be found directly on the Ferienpass website.
To book events in the Ferienpass, a basic fee of €3 must be paid. Many of the events are free of charge. For some of the events there is an additional participation fee.

Category: leisure activities

In order to get to know the city better, there are several guided, with a fee, city tours:

  • City walk through Oldenburg, 6€
  • City and palace guide, 9€
  • City tour by Bicycle, 12€

More information and tickets at: Touristinfo / Ticketshop, Lange Straße 3,

Category: leisure activities
Category: leisure activities

Oldenburg offers different events throughout the year in different locations. The largest are listed here, for more information, see:

  • June: Hafenlust Oldenburg, Port (Port festival with flea market, food and drinks)
  • July/August: Cultural summer, city center (art, culture, music)
  • Last weekend in August: Oldenburg city festival, city center (music, food and drinks)
  • September/ October: Kramermarkt, Weser-Ems-Halls (Rides, food, drinks, parties)
  • November/December: Lambertimarkt, City Center (Food, drinks)

There are also monthly events:

  • Repair Café, in various Places

Joint  repair of objects and electronics, self-repair workshop


  • Critical Mass, Bahnhofsplatz

There are regular events in the Weser-Ems halls as well. The program can be viewed here:

Category: leisure activities



  • Cinemaxx, Stau 79-85
  • Casablanca, Johannisstr. 17
  • Cine k, Bahnhofstr. 11
Category: leisure activities
  • Edith-Russ-Haus, Katharinenstraße 23 (media art)
  • Horst-Janssen-Museum, Am Stadtmuseum 4-8 (Art by Horst Janssen and other painters)
  • Stadtmuseum, Am Stadtmuseum 4-8 (Culture and City history)
  • Landesmuseum im Schloss, Schlossplatz 1 (History of Oldenburg, painting)
  • Landesmuseum „Augusteum“, Elisabethstraße 1 (painting)
  • Landesmuseum „Prinzenpalais“, Damm 1 (painting and sculptures)
  • Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch Oldenburg, Damm 38-44 (Natural science, ethnology, archeology)
  • Computermuseum, Bahnhofsplatz 10
  • Oldenburger Kunstverein,Damm 2a
  • Oldenburger Film- und Medienarchiv bei Werkstattfilm e.V. , Wallstraße 24
  • Artothek Oldenburg, Peterstraße 1
Category: leisure activities
Tags: Museen, museums

Places to play for children:

Forests and gardens:

  • Botanic Garden, Philosophenweg 39/41
  • Schlossgarten, Gartenstraße 37
  • Eversten Holz, Hauptstraße/Meinardusstraße/Unter den Eichen
  • Großer Bürgerbusch, Bürgerbuschweg/Scheideweg
  • Wildenloh, Wildenlohsdamm

Places to play, have a picnic or a walk:

  • Dobbenwiesen, Tirpitzstraße/Rummelweg/Lasiusstraße
  • Osternburger Utkiek, entrance through Burmesterstraße, Eidechsenstraße, Goldregenweg or Ferdinand-Koch-Straße
  • Großer Bornhorster Lake, Am Bornhorster See
  • Kleiner Bornhorster Lake, Ellerholtweg/Kleine Hamheide
Category: leisure activities

Lakes in Oldenburg, free of charge and accessible all year round

  • Woldsee, Westerholtsfelder Straße
  • Kleiner Bornhorster See, Ellerholtweg

Swimming pools, with a fee, in summer:

  • Olantis, Am Schloßgarten 15
  • Freibad Flötenteich, Mühlenhofsweg 80

Indoor swimming pools (in winter):

  • Olantis, Am Schloßgarten 15
  • Hallenbad Kreyenbrück, Brandenburger Straße 40
  • Wednesdays 14:30-17:00 hours Women swimming
  • Indoor swimming pool Eversten, Brandsweg 50
  • University swimming pool, Uhlhornsweg 49-55
  • Swimming poll in BTB, Alexanderstr. 207

More information under

In some swimming pools, there are certain times and areas on the lakes, in which visitors can bathe without bathing suit. Even in saunas clothing is often forbidden. Ask the staff.

Category: leisure activities

In the libraries you can borrow books for a certain period of time if you are a member. To become a member, you must apply for a membership card with your ID in the relevant library. The membership costs an annual amount which varies according to the library (between € 1 and € 5, depending on the library). Also borrowing the individual media can cost additional fees.

The following libraries can be found in Oldenburg:

  • Children’s library in PFL, Peterstraße 1
  • State Library, Pferdemarkt 15
  • University library, Uhlhornsweg 49-55
  • District library Eversten, Brandsweg 50, Schulzentrum Eversten
  • District library Flötenteich, Hochheider Weg 169
  • District libraryKreyenbrück, Ewigkeit 20
  • District libraryOfenderdiek, Lagerstraße 39
  • Central LibraryPFL, Peterstraße 3

Note: Children and young people who present the OLCard or MIA junior Card can have the credit granted by the Job Center / Office for Participation and Social Affairs, at the time of registration.

Category: leisure activities
  • In the more than 100 sports clubs of the city, you have to become a member to participate in different courses. For this you pay a membership fee monthly (different depending on the association).

There are many different sports for women, men and children. All clubs are listed under:

Free offers especially for fugitives offers the organization „Refugees welcome in sports“:

Basketball, football, fitness and especially fitness for women and children. Dates and locations can be found at :

  • Running:
    • Finn-Bahn, Sports grounds of the university Wechloy, Tegelkamp 32
    • Exercise path and running track in the forest, Großer Bürgerbusch, Bürgerbuschweg
    • Running path in the forest, Eversten Holz, Hauptstraße
    • Wildenloh, Wildenlohsdamm
  • In the summer, there are free bicycles or inline skaters: Oldenburger Bike-and Inline-Night:
  • Parkour Oldenburg:
  • Skating rink, Brandenburger Straße, Schulzentrum Kreyenbrück
  • There are several fitness studios that charge monthly fees. For example, there are cheap monthly contributions:
    • BeneFit, Emsstraße 3-7
    • Fit 4 U, Ammergaustr. 43
    • Kingdom of sports, Bahnhofsplatz 10
    • McFit, Nadorster Str. 229

Especially for women, the following fitness studios are available:

  • InJoy Lady Fitness, Bloherfelder Str. 9
  • Woman´s, Klävemannstr. 1

You can find more free sport offers under

Category: leisure activities
  • Mothers Meeting Point , Hundsmühlerstraße 100:
  • Fathers-Children Meeting Point, Evangelical family center, Gorch-Fock-Str. 5
Category: leisure activities

The community work of the city of Oldenburg has different offers, depending on the location. Some offer, for example, a bicycle school. These are aimed at children as well as young people and adults. Ask directly on the spot:

  • Neighborhood meeting point Dietrichsfeld, Alexanderstr. 331, Tel.: 0441-570 78 92
  • Neighborhood meeting point Kreyenbrück, Alter Postweg 1, Tel.: 0441-235 32 92
  • Community work center Bloherfelde, Bloherfelderstr. 173, Tel.: 0441-560 11 65
  • Culture center Rennplatz, Kurlandallee 6, Tel.: 0441-438 14 24
Category: leisure activities

In Oldenburg there are various facilities for children and young people. There are various courses, events and activities offered. You can get information about the various offers directly on the spot.

Freizeitstätte Ofenerdiek
Instagram: freizeitstaette_ofenerdiek
Facebook: Freizeitstätte Ofenerdiek
Telefon: 0441 601950

Freizeitstätte Bürgerfelde
Instagram: freizeistaette_buergerfelde
Facebook: Jugendfreizeitstätte Bürgerfelde
Telefon: 0441 8850521

Freizeitstätte Osternburg
Instagram: freizeitstaette_osternburg
Facebook: Freizeitstätte Osternburg
Telefon: 0441 25893

Freizeitstätte Kreyenbrück
Instagram: diecafta
Facebook: Die Cafta – Freizeitstätte Kreyenbrück
Telefon: 0441 44105

Abenteuer- und Bauspielplatz
Telefon: 0441 502171

Jugendkulturzentrum Cadillac
Instagram: cadillacoldenburg
Facebook: Cadillac Zentrum für Jugendkultur
Telefon: 0441 235-3800

Freizeitstätte KIEK-IN
Telefon: 0441 361692 – 25

Instagram: maedchentreff_oldenburg
Facebook: Mädchentreff Oldenburg
Telefon: 0441 61422

Freizeitstätte „Die Villa“
Instagram: freizeitstaette_die_villa 
Facebook: Freizeitstätte „Die Villa“
Telefon: 0441 7705509

Freizeitstätte „Offene Tür Bloherfelde“
Instagram: otbloherfelde
Telefon: 0441 51898

Freizeitstätte „Frisbee“
Instagram: awofrisbee 
Facebook: Freizeitstätte Frisbee
Telefon: 0441 4853663

Further offers especially for children can be found on the following Internet page:

Category: leisure activities

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