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100 first questions – Contracts

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For questions concerning contracts, the following places offer assistance:

  • Diakonie: Güterstraße 3, Telefon: 0441-9709316
  • Integrationslotsen der Stadt Oldenburg: Peterstraße 3, Telefon: 0441-2352311

Category: Contracts

No matter in which area you make a contract (apartment, telephone, electricity, bank, …), you should always pay attention to certain things. Important components of a contract are:

  • General terms and conditions (AGB)

The AGB is the main component of any contract, since all the terms of the contract are regulated here. Before you sign a contract, read these terms and conditions carefully, as these terms apply throughout the entire contract duration.

  • Termination periods

There are two options for each contract:

  • The contract is concluded with an end date of the term

The contract shall specify the date on which it applies. If you want to terminate it, you do not have to cancel, the contract ends automatically after the specified date

  • The contract is concluded without an end date

The contract, which has been concluded without an end date, continues until one of the two contract parties announces it. The cancellation must usually take place in writing. Please note that there is a notice period. That is, if you cancel, the contract usually continues one to three months before it is finished.

  • Costs

You can also see the exact costs in the contract. You, but also the other contract partner, are bound to you over the entire term of the contract.

  • Contractual penalties

The contract also regulates the consequences of a breaching it. This way, you and your contractual partner are protected against misuse.

Category: Contracts


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