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100 first questions – Post

Letters/Post cards:

If you want to send a letter or a postcard, you must write the recipient on the lower right and add a stamp to the upper right:

The stamp contains the postage you have to pay for shipping. You can find stamps at the post offices or at machines that often stand in front of the stores.
In exceptional cases you will see in the upper right corner a note “postage paid recipient”, then you do not need to stick a stamp on the letter. If the letter already contains a stamp, you do not have to deliver it at the store, but can simply throw it into a mailbox:

The postal service collects the letters and sends them to the recipient.


If you want to send a package, you have to go to a post office and drop it there. You pay a fee, but the package will be delivered by the post office to the recipient.
Letters and packages are sent from Monday to Saturday.

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