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100 first questions – Post

  • Hazardous objects, e.g. Knives must be packaged in such a way that they do not pose a risk to the deliverer
  • Items that violate legal provisions may not be sent by parcel (e.g., CDs that violate the protection of minors)
  • Goods with exceptionally high value (usually from 500 €, for example jewelry or antiques) are transported, by most parcel delivery services, only with payment of an extra amount, for the insurance of the parcel
  • Perishable food cannot be sent by post
  • Live animals are not transported by any parcel service


When sending parcels abroad, the customs import rules of the country to which the package is delivered shall apply. For further information, please visit site of  the Federal Government: or the site of your parcel service, e.g.  DHL:

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