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100 first questions – Post

Service Price Inside Germany Price international Size/ weight
Post cards 0,70€ 0,90€ up to size 23,5×12,5
Standard letter in Germany 0,85€ 1,10€ Up to 20gr and Size 23,5×12,5×0,5cm
Kompaktbrief in Germany 1,00€ 1,70€ Up 50gr and size 23,5×12,5x1cm
Large letter in Germany 1,60€ 3,70€ Up  500gr and size 35,5x25x2cm
Maxibrief in Germany 2,75€ 7€, up to  1kg   17€ up to 2kg up 1000gr and size 35,5x25x5cm

Letters, which you want to send abroad, cost from 0,90 € (standard letter) and above. All Shipments that are heavier or larger will become more expensive. Contact the Post Office.


Service Price inside Germany Price International Size/Weight
Small package 3,79€ Depending on the destination country between 13,99€ and 125,99€ Up 1kg and size 30x30x15cm
Small package 4,39€ Up 2kg and size 60x30x15cm
package 5,99€ Up 5 kg and size 120x60x60cm
package 8,49€ Up 10 kg and size 120x60x60cm
package 16,49€ Up 31,5kg and size 120x60x60cm

Small packages are not insured at the time of shipment, but you can buy insurance for an extra charge. Packages are automatically insured when shipping.

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