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100 first questions – Financial

If you would like to transfer money abroad, you should check with the various banks before opening an account.
If you are abroad, you can use the following options:

  • SWIFT Transfer: One of the safest and fastest methods. Until the money is available abroad, it usually takes only a few hours, a maximum of one day. The costs depend, on the amount of the transfer and the respective bank fees. Ask for more information at your bank.
  • Check: You can send a check to another country by mail. This should be insured so he cannot be stolen. For more information, contact a post office.
  • Agencies: Faster and more reliable than traditional bank transfers or checks (usually within a few minutes), but with higher costs (7 to 10% of the amount sent). Suppliers are “Ria Money Transfer”, “Moneygram” or “Western Union”.

For transfers abroad, you need the BIC number. This will be communicated to you at account opening and is also on your bank card.

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