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100 first questions – Financial

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  • Paypal: If you want to buy goods on the Internet, you can use PayPal as an alternative to bank transfer. You can transfer online money from your bank account to another one after you sign up and register on the website Please note the incurred costs.


  • Credit card:If you work and have a salary, you can also get a credit card from your bank. With this, you can also complete transactions on the Internet and pay with it. Depending on the bank, costs are incurred. Ask your bank for it.
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If you would like to transfer money abroad, you should check with the various banks before opening an account.
If you are abroad, you can use the following options:

  • SWIFT Transfer: One of the safest and fastest methods. Until the money is available abroad, it usually takes only a few hours, a maximum of one day. The costs depend, on the amount of the transfer and the respective bank fees. Ask for more information at your bank.
  • Check: You can send a check to another country by mail. This should be insured so he cannot be stolen. For more information, contact a post office.
  • Agencies: Faster and more reliable than traditional bank transfers or checks (usually within a few minutes), but with higher costs (7 to 10% of the amount sent). Suppliers are “Ria Money Transfer”, “Moneygram” or “Western Union”.

For transfers abroad, you need the BIC number. This will be communicated to you at account opening and is also on your bank card.

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The PIN number is a 4-digit number that you must enter at the machine for each transaction. It is used to identify your account, since only you know this number. Keep this number carefully and secretly, and do not name it to anyone, as others can access your account.
If the card is lost, call the free number of your bank as soon as possible, which is specially designed to block cards. They can be found on your bank card, in the related documents or on the bank’s website. After the blocking, no one can access your account.
For each card you receive from the bank, you will receive your own PIN number.

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  • You can simply go to one of the above branches and open an account there. This takes about 30 minutes because you need to complete some documents (best to take someone who understands German). You should bring along your passport or similar document that confirms your identity (residence permit, toleration, …).
  • You will be given all important information and documents. The bank cards and PIN numbers will be sent to you by post
  • From account opening to account usage, it takes about 2 weeks. If you want to withdraw money before, talk to your bank.
  • Online-Banking:

With online banking, you can do your banking business via the Internet. This is usually free and easy because you do not have to go to the bank for your transactions.
You need an Internet access to the use of online banking and the Internet Bank specially provided PIN numbers, ensuring the security of your
Banking operations. Ask your bank about it.
For all banking transactions, e.g. you need your IBAN number, which will be communicated to you when the account is opened and can also be found on your bank card.

  • Account Statements

You can get them from your bank at the automatic machine / printer or through online bank statements, which allow you to see which inputs and outputs your account had, you can see the balance of your account. Keep this in mind as you may be asked (for example, in the job center).

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There are various banks in Oldenburg with branches in the city districts . Among the most known belong:

Name Address
Bremer Landesbank Markt 12, Tel.: 0441-23701
Commerzbank Heiligengeiststr. 29, Tel.: 0441-21050
LzO Schlossplatz 7/8, Tel.: 0441-2300
Oldenburgische Landesbank Stau 15/17, Tel.: 0441-2210
Postbank Bahnhofsplatz 10, Tel.: 0180-3040500 (no charge)
Targo Bank Lange Str. 2, Tel.: 0441-25526
Volksbank/ Raiffeisenbank Lange Str. 8/9, Tel.: 0441-95020

At each bank, there are different types of accounts that have different costs and benefits. Please check with the respective bank.

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