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100 first questions – Apartments

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In addition, a deposit usually has to be paid to the landlord / landlady. This is a one-time payment, which the landlord / landlady is given as security that the apartment is left in good condition during your departure. When the time that you move out, all things in the apartment are in the state as when you moved in, then you get the deposit plus interest paid back. Should there be any damage or changes to the apartment, the landlord / landlady can use the deposit for the repair, then you will not get the money or only a proportionate refund.
If your landlord/landlady requires a deposit, you can apply to the Job Center for the costs to be taken over as a loan. The deposit is then paid by the job center and it will be deducted from your benefits in the coming months.
If you already have work, you have to pay the rent as well as the deposit itself.

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The rent for the apartment is normally paid in Germany at the beginning of the month by bank transfer to the landlord / landlady. Ask your landlord about the exact procedures. If you receive benefits from the Job Center, the Job Center can transfer the rent directly to the landlord.

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In every house, there is usually a house order (house rules) that you must hold. Ask your landlord / landlady.

  • You usually have to clean the stairwell regularly
  • Between 1 pm and 3 pm, you should stop for lunch so that the neighbors are not disturbed. From 22 o’clock is the night rest, to which only room volume is allowed. Should it become louder in exceptional cases, inform your neighbors beforehand.
  • In the home energy saving: Use heating, electrical appliances and light only when it is necessary and reissue when they are no longer needed. When you ventilate, turn off the heaters, which saves energy and is environmentally friendly.
  • The garbage has to be separated, there are different garbage cans and disposal facilities:
  • Paper and cardboard: Blue dustbin
  • Bio waste (kitchen waste, garden waste): green waste bin
  • Waste (for example, hygiene articles, ceramics, cigarette waste, …): Black dust bin
  • Packing material: Yellow bag / Yellow dustbin

Yellow bags are available in most supermarkets at checkout. To get them there, you need vouchers that you can exchange for the yellow bags. The vouchers can be obtained free of charge at the Bürgeramt, by calling 0800 4842900 or in Internet under

  • Larger items: bulky waste is picked up for a fee, a card can be bought from the city of Oldenburg in the citizens’ office.
    Alternatively, the items can be delivered at the recycling points (free of charge):
  • Barkenweg 1, 3 und 6
  • Felix-Wankel-Str. 7
  • Glass: old glass containers located at different points in the city
  • Electronics: recyclable material collection points, Barkenweg 3 und 6
  • Batteries: Batteries must be thrown into special boxes in each supermarket. They are usually found in the entrance area
  • Old clothes: There are containers into which you can throw old clothes

In the second-hand shops of the city (see question 25) you can also give old clothes.

You can find more info under the following link

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When you move from the first place where you were living when you came in Germany to your first home, you get the most important, furniture and objects from the jobcenter. You will receive vouchers with which you can buy the items in the following facilities:

  • Buntes Kaufhaus der Diakonie: Eßkamp 23
  • Möbelhof der Diakonie: Cloppenburger Str. 313
  • Sozialkaufhaus Mehrwert: Herrenweg 173

You can then choose the furniture and items paid to you from the job center, make your reservation in your name and deliver it to your new apartment, this is free of charge for the first time, additional deliveries cost fees

Tip: Find an appointment , To which you have surely found all items, so that no extra costs are incurred.

If you have not found suitable furniture for three visits, you can confirm this in the furniture shop. You then get the money from the jobcenter and you can buy the furniture yourself.

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When you move into your own apartment, you need to look after some things yourself. You must apply in normal cases for:

  • Electricity
  • Gas for heating
  • Telephone/Internet
  • TV connection

Sometimes everything is included in the rent, ask your landlord.
For electricity and gas there is a regional supplier, the EWE, in Oldenburg (
For telephone and internet the EWE TEL. Both can be found in the downtown in Julius-Mosen-Platz 5 (

You can also request a TV connection here.

In addition, there are various providers for electricity, gas, telephone, Internet and television, which can be compared on different comparison portals on the Internet, e.g. on or

You should also take out the following insurances to be safe:

  • Household insurance

In order to be protected in the case of damage to property that occurs within the home (for example, burglary or water damage) and you do not have to pay it yourself, you should have a household insurance.

  • Liability insurance

To be insured, if you have damaged items from others or have had an accident, it is sensible to have a liability insurance. This takes the incidental costs.
Also for insurance companies there are different providers offering different services. They can be compared on the Internet on different comparison portals, e.g. on oder

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If the landlord wishes to rent the apartment, please submit the offer via the apartment to the job center (if you getting benefits from there). As soon as you receive the confirmation for the apartment from the job center, you will pass it on to the landlord and you can conclude with this a contract for the apartment.

If you do not receive any benfits from the job center, you can conclude the contract directly with the landlord and do not need any confirmation.

  • Remember to make a transfer protocol with the landlord on the first day when you move in, listing all shortcomings in the apartment. This ensures that you do not have to pay for any defects that are not caused by you.
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If you have found an apartment, the next step is seeing it. To do so, please contact the provider of the apartment and make an appointment. It is better to take someone to the appointment who speaks German – that simplifies much.

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There are rules about how big and expensive the apartment may be including utilities costs, which is paid to you from the job center, if you have an recognized status:

household size Maximum size of the apartment Rent and utilities (without electricity) Heating costs per square meter (sqm)
1 Person 50 sqm 477,40€

1,69€ (maximum 84,50€)

2 Persons 60 sqm 578,60€ 1,69€ (maximum 101,40€)
3 Persons 75 sqm 688,60€ 1,69€ (maximum 126,75€)
4 Persons 85 sqm 803,00€ 1,69€ (maximum 143,65€)
5 Persons 95 sqm 917,40€ 1,69€ (maximum 160,55€)
Each additional person 10 sqm 111,10€ 1,69€ (maximum 16,90€)
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The Central Refugee Management service of the City of Oldenburg is responsible for the administration of the municipal shared accommodation as well as the flats for housing refugees. In addition, after receiving a residence title, refugees are supported in their search for housing and accompanied during their first steps in their own living space. For persons with a residence title who have not yet been able to find a flat despite an intensive search, the specialised service operates a transitional home to bridge the time until they can rent a flat on their own.
Telefon: 0441 235-2931 oder 0441 235-3248

If you have a recognized status, you need to find yourself an apartment. The following institutions will help you:

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