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100 first Questions – Education

There are different child care possibilities for children between 0 and 6 years old, they are listed further down. Child care and schools are always taking place from Monday till Friday, in the morning and/or in the afternoon. At the weekends both institutions are closed.

  • Day Nursery (Krippe):

In day nurseries children under the age of 3 are taken care of half day or whole day. If your child has not yet reached the age of three, you can register him or her for care with a day care worker throughout the year.

  • Kindergarten

In the kindergarten children from 3 until 6 years of age are taken care of half day or whole day. During the last year of kindergarten before the enrollment at school language support classes will be hold by primary school teachers.

In the day nursery or in the kindergarten the children always should be equipped with rain gear.

They are often playing outside and the clothes can get dirty. The children should also take slippers with them.

1.1. Registration at the day nursery or the kindergarten

The registration has to be made in January via the „Betreuungsbörse“. You can find it at »

Also during the ongoing daycare year a registration is possible at all times, this will be done via the service office „Kindertagesbetreuung“ (day care facility for children), Bergstraße 25, Telephone 0441-2353736 or 0441-2353739 or 0441 235-3753.

You can decide to which kindergarten or day nursery your child should go. However sometimes all places are full, then you also can decide for another kindergarten/day nursery.

1.2. Costs for day nursery and kindergarten

Since 1 August 2018, parental contributions are no longer charged for children from the age of three until school enrollment if the child is cared for in a facility for which the state provides financial assistance according to the Act on Day Care Facilities for Children. Costs for any lunchtime meals are still due. Nursery until the child reaches the age of 3 is chargeable. Parents who are earning money have to pay a monthly fee. The parents who are entitled to benefits for education and participation     (unemployment benefits II, social welfare, income support, housing benefits, additional child benefits or benefits according to the benefits law for asylum seekers) don’t have to pay additional fees. Regarding other costs that may occur: see question 42.

In case of urgent need for day care for children under 3 years of age you can get in contact with the „Fachberatung Kindertagespflege“ (expert advice for child day care): „Amt für Jugend und Familie“ (office for children and family), Bergstr. 25.

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