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100 first Questions – Education

The education and training package („Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket (BuT)“) gives the opportunity to children in need, teenagers or young adults to take part in Education or free time activities. The right for this help have the children or young ones whose their parents are getting the following social help:

  • Kinderzuschlag (children allowance )
  • Sozialhilfe (social Help )
  • Wohngeld (Housing benefit)
  • Leistungen nach dem AsylbLG oder (benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act)
  • Leistungen nach dem SGB II vom Jobcenter (benefits under SGB II from the Jobcenter)

The education and training package („Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket“) consist of:

  1. Participation in social and cultural life in the community – amount of 15 euros per month.
    These benefits can only be granted up to the age of 18. The funds can be used for the following areas: Membership fees in the areas of sport, games, culture and socialising, lessons in artistic subjects (for example music lessons) and comparable guided cultural education activities and participation in free time.
  2. Multi-day class trips/school excursions – assumption of the costs for one-day and multi-day excursions of schools and day-care centres.
  3. School supplies – provision of personal school supplies for pupils on 01.08 of each year in the amount of 103 euros and 51.50 euros on 1 February of each year. From 2021 onwards, personal school supplies will be adjusted annually by the same percentage as standard needs.
  4. School transport, unless the costs are already covered by another agency. Thus, this benefit is usually only eligible from the 11th grade onwards.
  5. Learning support – insofar as this is suitable and additionally necessary in order to achieve the essential learning goals set out in the school regulations.
  6. Lunch subsidy – assumption of the costs for communal lunch at schools, day-care centres and after-school care centres (if they have concluded a cooperation agreement with the school).

Recipients of benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act must apply to the Office for Participation and Social Affairs of the City of Oldenburg

Recipients of benefits under SGB II must apply for benefits from the education and training package at the jobcenter.

Benefits for school supplies and for school transport costs are paid as cash benefits. All other benefits are paid in kind. These benefits are processed via the OLCard online system.

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