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100 first Questions – Info Centre/Offices

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There are several translation offices in the city of Oldenburg. Ask at the district court (Landgericht) Oldenburg (Elisabethstraße 7).

In addition you can find a list here:

Otherwise, for example:

Initiatives, organizations and associations

In addition to the counseling centers, a large number of migrant self-organizations, trans- and monocultural organizations, associations and initiatives as well as religious communities are active in the city of Oldenburg. They work and are involved in a wide range of topics, organize events and fixed offers and thus enrich the multicultural development of the city of Oldenburg in the long term.
You can find more information and the respective contact addresses in this list of (trans-)cultural and (inter-)religious offers ” (PDF, 191 KB), available at:
For information call: 0441 235-2188 (Office for Immigration and Migration)


  • Pro familia: Counselling centre for questions about sexuality, pregnancy or partnership.
    Rosenstraße 44, telephone 0441 88095 »

  • „OLENA“, Stau 73, Telefon 0441-2353490

For female migrants and refugees who are exposed to violence

In cases of sexual violence against girls and women

For women who have to leave their home because of violence

  • „Kinderschutzbund Oldenburg e.V.“, Donnerschweer Straße 171b, Telefon: 0441–84 59 0 »

Support for rights of children and help with problems

  • Kinderschutz-Zentrum Oldenburg/Vertrauensstelle Benjamin (Child Protection Centre Oldenburg/Confidential Centre Benjamin)
    Specialist centre for children, young people and families affected by neglect, abuse, sexual or domestic violence
    Friederikenstraße 3, telephone 0441 17788, »
  • Beratungs- und Interventionsstelle gegen häusliche Gewalt (Counselling and Intervention Centre against Domestic Violence) (BISS), Stau 73, Telefon 0441-235–37 98
    Help hotline against violence against women 08000 116 016
    StoP – Neighbourhoods without Partner Violence; project in Dietrichsfeld to activate neighbourhoods against violence against women, Alexanderstraße 331, telephone 0160 92859792
  • „Ausländerbehörde“ (office for foreigners): Pferdemarkt 14

In the case of central allocation, refugees are referred to the Oldenburg Foreigners’ Registration Office from the State Reception Office of Lower Saxony. They have to present themselves there immediately after being assigned, as this is where everything concerning residence law issues is clarified, identity documents are changed and registration takes place. There are different case workers to whom you will be assigned according to the first letter of your surname.
Telephone: 0441-235 31 81(please always make an appointment) Online appointment »

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 am to 12 pm
additionally Thursday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

If you live privately with acquaintances, relatives or friends in Oldenburg, you should immediately contact the Oldenburg Foreigners’ Office for registration. There is a contact form for this purpose, which can be used to register people who have been admitted ” Further information can be obtained by calling 0441 235-4564 (Ukraine hotline of the ServiceCentre) or by sending an e-mail to ukraine[at]

Registration important for benefits

Registration helps refugees obtain a longer-term residence status and makes it easier for the city to coordinate assistance. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has now issued guidance to facilitate rapid reception on the ground. The Council of the European Union activated the so-called Mass Influx Directive on 4 March 2022. On this basis, Ukrainian nationals and other persons who have fled Ukraine because of the war can be granted a right of residence in accordance with section 24 of the Residence Act, which is initially limited to one year and can be extended if necessary up to a total duration of three years.

This form ” can be used by persons who have fled Ukraine because of the war to report their residence to the Aliens’ Office of the City of Oldenburg. After the notification of residence or registration, the Aliens’ Office checks the requirements for the granting of a right of residence and then contacts them.

It is also important to register the children for school attendance in Oldenburg using the form to register. Please provide the data as accurately as possible. This helps to avoid queries. After sending the form, the City of Oldenburg will take care of finding a school place for your child. This may take some time. As soon as the school place has been clarified or queries arise, the City of w will contact you. If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the e-mail address schuleinstieg[
Note: If your child is of primary school age, you can also register your child directly at the primary school belonging to the school district “. If registration at the primary school is successful, registration via the form is not necessary.

  • „Amt für Zuwanderung und Integration“ (Office for Immigration and Integration):

Telephone: 0441 235-3581
Bloherfelder Straße 39
26129 Oldenburg

Financial benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act (AsylbLG)

The minimum subsistence allowance for asylum seekers regulated in the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act provides for slightly reduced benefits compared to social assistance. If you have any questions about benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act, please contact the Central Refugee Management Department.

Contact persons

  • Letter range A to G
    Telephone: 0441 235-2484
  • Letter range H to J
    Telephone: 0441 235-2554
  • Letter range K to Z
    Telephone: 0441 235-2478
  • By e-mail:

Sickness assistance/sickness certificates

Health assistance according to the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act only covers acute and/or pain treatments. Any further concerns, such as unnecessary operations, orthopaedic inserts, dentures, etc., are not covered.
If you have any questions about health assistance, please contact the Central Refugee Management Service.

Contact persons

Telephone: 0441 235-2934

Accommodation is usually provided in a communal shared accommodation or in decentralised flats rented by the City of Oldenburg. In addition, the City of Oldenburg also supports the accommodation of asylum seekers. You are welcome to contact the Central Refugee Management department on this topic.

Contact persons for matters concerning communal accommodation:

Telephone: 0441 235-3248

Contact persons for accommodation in decentralised flats:
Telephone: 0441 235-2931

“Amt für Teilhabe und Soziales” (Office for Participation and Social Affairs): Pferdemarkt 14, telephone: 0441 235-2305.
This is where benefits for education and participation are granted.

Many matters can be dealt with or applied for online, for example re-registration within the city of Oldenburg, the creation of a registration certificate or the sending of civil status certificates. At the Foreigners’ Office, for example, you can also pick up an electronic residence permit or a travel document or receive invitations to visit you from abroad (

Finanzamt Oldenburg (Oldenburg Tax Office), Stubbenweg 42
The tax office issues a tax identification number, which is needed for many applications and when you work. The tax identification number (Steuer-ID) is a nationwide, eleven-digit identification number that every citizen registered in Germany receives at birth or upon request for tax purposes.
Telephone: 0441-2380

  • „Jobcenter“ (Job centre): Stau 70

The „Jobcenter“  is responsible, when you get the recognition status , to help you search for a job or for an internship, or when you have questions about a qualification. Here would be answered all your questions for recognition of your degrees and diplomas and also the possibilities to work. Also Social benefits are connected with this service, as soon you get a recognition of your status.

Telephone: 0441-219700, Stau 70

  • „Agentur für Arbeit“ (job agency): Stau 70

The „Agentur für Arbeit“ (job agency) is the competent authority when you don’t have an approval (recognition status ) and you have questions regarding work and professional training (also for a residence permit according to § 24 Residence Act!).

Telephone: 0800-4555500, Stau 70

+49 441 228 2288 (local number)
You can also find important information here regarding the recognition of foreign school and vocational qualifications:

Consulting regarding migration

Support for migrants regarding their integration process, individual guidance for individual cases

  • „Arbeiterwohlfahrt“ (Workers’ Welfare Union): Wallstraße 11, Telephone: 0441-95 72 24 15


  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz“ (German Red Cross): Moslestraße 3 (6.OG), Telephone: 0441-950 39 54 4

  • Jugendmigrationsdienst Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands e.V.“: Huntestraße 4 Telephone: 0441-17864

Counselling for young people with a migration background who live permanently in Germany. Counselling also in Russian, Spanish and English.

Concultancy regarding benefits for the minimum standard of subsistence, for example unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld), unemployment benefits II (Arbeitslosengeld II), financial assistance for professional training (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe), student grant (BAföG), parental allowance, subsistance income for old-age pension and total disability, child benefits, additional child benefits (Kinderzuschlag), income support, housing benefits, for starting work and supporting measures for starting work.

  • „Diakonie Oldenburg“, Güterstraße 3, Telephone: 0441/9994483
  • „IBIS e.V.“, Klävemannstr. 16, Telephone: 0441-92 058 210,
  • „pro:connect“ Integration durch Bildung und Arbeit e.V., Güterstr. 1, Telefon: 0441-480 66 311

Counselling and help in finding work and language courses

Other advice centres

Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband: debt counselling, insolvency counselling, assistance and care service, everyday help, social station/outpatient care, meals on wheels and more
Ziegelhofstraße 125-127, telephone 0441 77900-0»
Caritas Association: Social debt counselling, counselling and mediation of mother-child or father-child cures, specialist service of community Caritas and general social counselling, financial subsidy for family holidays and more
Peterstraße 22 – 26, telephone: 0441 92545-0
Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF): Counselling Centre for Pregnant Women, Women and Families – Partnership and Family Counselling Centre – Midwife Centre Oldenburg – Babylotse Oldenburg – Recognised Care Association
Peterstraße 22 – 26, telephone 0441 25024»


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