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100 First Questions – Ukrainian Refugees

Current additions due to the war in Ukraine

General questions are answered under the following pages and partly highlighted again in the text below: unter

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If you have a valid driving license, you may drive motor vehicles in Germany in the classes for which your driving license is issued. If you have an international driving license, you do not need to carry a translation; if you have a national Ukrainian driving license, you need a translation. Attention: Your driving license is only valid for the first six months when you register a flat in Germany.
After the six-month period has expired, a driving license issued in Germany is generally required. In the case of a driving license acquired in Ukraine, the prerequisite for the transfer of your foreign driving license is generally the passing of the theoretical and practical driving test. You can find out what other proof may be required for the application at the competent driving license authority in your place of residence.
Further information is available at
In Oldenburg, the driving license office of the city of Oldenburg is responsible, Stiller Weg 10
26121 Oldenburg, telephone: 0441 235-3700
Fax: 0441 235-3080


You can find important information about this on the pages of the Oldenburg city administration:

Safety tips for refugee women
1. do not give your passport out of your hand. Take a photo or a copy of it and send it to a trusted person. 2.

2. keep your phone with you at all times. Memorize the phone number of a trusted person who can help you if you get into an emergency here. Agree on a code word that will serve as a sign of distress. 3.

Take a photo of the number plate before you get into a car. Send the photo to a trusted person. If the driver does not agree, do not get in the car. 4.

If you are offered a flat or a room, ask to see your identity card and write down your name and address. You have the right to register at this address and to get financial help from the city. 5.

5. you have the right to an employment contract and minimum wage in Germany (about 10 euros per hour). Be careful if someone promises you a lot of money quickly. 6.

Make a note of the names and telephone numbers of aid organizations. Support services for refugees are free of charge in Germany. Do not pay alleged mediators. 7.

7. human traffickers or pimps are not only men. You should not blindly trust women either. Stay in contact with relatives, friends and other refugees.

If you are in a situation of coercion or danger, contact
in case of exploitation: SOLWODI Niedersachsen e.V. – Counselling Centre Braunschweig
Emergency mobile: 0177-4225333
– in cases of violence against women: Telephone 08000 116 016 (around the clock, all languages)

правила безпеки для жінок »

Dogs and cats entering from Ukraine must always meet health requirements. These include vaccination against rabies, chipping of the animals and the issuing of an EU pet passport by the veterinarian. If the animals have already been vaccinated against rabies, a test to check the rabies antibody level must be carried out. Please make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible after entry to check the health status of your animal. Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters or similar can enter Germany without a health check.

A) Corona
You can get vaccinated against Corona at a vaccination centre. You can also get vaccinated easily in many doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies. This is possible even if you are not yet registered. You do not need an identity card. After the vaccination, you will receive a so-called “insert sheet”. With this, you can later get a digital vaccination certificate.
Vaccination with the Russian or Chinese vaccine is not sufficient to be considered vaccinated in the EU. There is currently no compulsory vaccination in Germany. If you would like to be vaccinated, you can also be vaccinated with the vaccines approved here.
In Oldenburg, you can currently get vaccinated in doctors’ surgeries
or in the Schlosshöfe.
Vaccination point Schlosshöfe (Schloßplatz 3)

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays to Saturdays:
  • Wednesdays:
    • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Open vaccination without appointment for all citizens aged twelve and over.

In Germany, children between the ages of 5 and 11 are also vaccinated. They get a lower dose of the vaccine from Biontech. Just like adults, children receive two doses of the vaccine until they are fully vaccinated.
More information at

B) Measles
In Germany, it is compulsory to vaccinate children against measles when they are admitted to day-care centres. The vaccinations are carried out by paediatricians and doctors’ surgeries.

Ukrainian refugees can apply for financial support at the Jobcenter. They can either apply themselves (Jobcenter Oldenburg, Stau 70, or submit an application in advance and wait for a reply.

A prerequisite for receiving benefits according to the Social Code is that the refugees have been identified and have applied for a residence permit for temporary protection. In this regard, they must have been issued a so-called fictitious certificate or a residence title for temporary protection. Further requirements for receiving the funds can be enquired about at the Job Centre.

The city of Oldenburg provides an online form on its website that refugees from Ukraine can use to apply for a residence title ( The Foreigners’ Office then contacts the persons and issues a certificate of fiction.

Refugees who apply for a residence title from 1 June 2022 will initially receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz) and can then apply to the Oldenburg Job Centre after the Foreigners’ Office has processed their application.


Source, accessed 17.08.2022:

Basically, all people who come to Germany and want to stay longer than three months have to register with the authorities with their residential address after two weeks at the latest. However, if you live privately with family or friends or with supporters free of charge, you do not have to register with the registration office until after 3 months. If you wish, you can also register now. This can be useful if you need financial assistance from the state.
You can register in person at the Bürgerbüro Mitte, Pferdemarkt 14, 26121 Oldenburg or at the Bürgerbüro Nord, Stiller Weg 10
26121 Oldenburg.
You must make an appointment in advance at

See also question no. 5!
You do not have to apply for the residence permit immediately. However, be sure to apply for it in good time before 23.05.2022. Because your visa-free stay is only valid until this date.
Persons who do not require benefits in the context of visa-free entry will only be registered if they apply for the title in accordance with Section 24 of the Residence Act at the competent foreigners authority. Otherwise, you will only be registered if you apply to an authority because you need assistance, for example in the form of accommodation or other benefits. Applications for benefits for living expenses and accommodation can only be processed after registration.
Oldenburg Foreigners’ Office, Pferdemarkt 14, 26121 Oldenburg, telephone 0441/235-0
Fax 0441/2353181, e-mail:

The Ukrainian embassy or one of the Ukrainian consulates in Germany can issue you with a certificate of identity or even a new identity card / passport.
You can find the nearest Consulate General of Ukraine in Mundsburger Damm 1, 22087 Hamburg, Telefon 040 229 498 10,

Since visa-free entry is possible, relatives can enter Germany in this way. They can be granted a right of residence on the basis of the so-called Mass Influx Directive.

Ukrainian citizens who entered the country without a visa (i.e. as holders of biometric passports) are allowed to travel within the EU or the so-called Schengen area. However, if you have received a residence permit from a member state, this is only possible for 90 days. This means that you can only move with the permission of the state you are moving to. Gainful employment must be permitted by each state in which you wish to work (i.e. where you will be while you are working).

Ukrainian citizens who possess a biometric passport may enter the Federal Republic of Germany without a visa. They can also move around the Schengen area without a visa for 90 days. The EU has agreed that people from Ukraine can be granted so-called “temporary protection” under certain conditions.

In Germany, this is a residence permit according to §24 of the Residence Act. People who have fled Ukraine because of the war can be granted a right of residence that is initially limited to one year and can be extended up to a total of three years if necessary.

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