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Spendenübergabe an den Förderverein

The Förderverein Dietrichsfeld e.V. is pleased about the generous donation from the LZO to finance the women’s language course at the Stadtteiltreff.

Svenja Gerdes and Alexander Glurich from the LZO Bürgerfelde branch handed over a cheque for € 2,700 from the “Save and Win” lottery to finance an integration project in which women receive German language lessons for everyday use and initial professional orientation twice a week over a period of 6-8 months from a qualified German teacher. Due to the pandemic situation, the number of participants had to be limited to 8 students.

(Photo: Svenja Gerdes and Alexander Glurich from the LzO, Regina Dirksen from the Förderverein Dietrichsfeld, Ellen von Hagen as teacher and participants of the German course)